Difference Veterans Active Program

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The DVA Difference Veteran Active Program is specifically designed for Veterans, to keep you active, mobile, pain free and healthy.

Our program combines a multi-disciplinary approach looking at movement, flexibility, psychology, diet and exercise and foot care.  It is designed to achieve long lasting results in clients and has already delivered outstanding results!

The program includes sessions with;

  • Physiotherapist
  • Dietitian (optional)
  • Podiatrist
  • Psychologist (optional)

We believe in a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare. Our program includes a focus on flexibility, strength, movement, diet and foot care and overcoming psychological barriers.

Program Content

Our Veteran‘s Active Program includes one on one sessions with a physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, dietitian and podiatrist.  It also includes free access to our gym and group classes.

The benefit of the program is it combines a range of practitioners all working together to help you achieve your goal.

  • Our physiotherapist will assist with injury prevention, pain management , strength, fitness and flexibility
  • Our dietitian will keep you on track with both diet and exercise, essential for your results
  • Our podiatrist will provide general foot care, plus advice on footwear and orthotics if necessary to help keep you on your feet.
  • Our psychologist will help you through stress, anxiety, depression and any psychological factors inhibiting your success.  Working on the mind is extremely important.
  • We provide free access to our fitness studio to allow you more time to exercise to achieve your results.
  • We provide you with free access to our fun and social group classes

The program is run out of Southwest Wellness Centre, which means clients receive a variety of treatments in the same location. Our practitioners work together to ensure the client is receiving the best care.

The centre facilities include a 250sqm exercise studio, podiatry clinic for assistance with foot care, private shower and bathroom, fully equipped physiotherapy clinic, remedial massage, ducted air conditioning and much more.

To be eligible for the Difference Veterans Active Program you will need a referral from your GP and be eligible for treatment services under DVA.  Private options for the program are also available.

Robert supported our country now we support him

Robert is one of our DVA veterans who has worked with our physiotherapy team on our DVA program.

Robert worked for the Australian Army for 21 Years, 15 1/2 years of that time as a Senior Supervisor and Quality Control Inspector/Artificer for the Aviation Division (RAEME).

Robert also served in the Royal Australian Infantry as a Private, Lance Corporal, Corporal and Acting Platoon Sergeant. Robert served three tours of duty in Butterworth, Malaysia.

Robert was also a Civilians Army Unit instructor, training people in defense tactics, tactical KRAV MAGA & PPC Defensive.

Robert is just one example of the many VETs that we help whether it be through this program or our individual modalities.  If you need help, do not suffer alone, we are here for you! 

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