Exercise Physiology

Helping you with your daily activities, fitness and strength

You exercise physiologist is here to help you with your fitness and strength so that you can continue with your daily life activities.  Our Exercise Physiologists work with you goals and then tailor an individualised exercise program to ensure you meet those goals.  Your goals might include

- Increasing your fitness

- Creating better balance

- Being able to play with your kids or grandkids

- Reducing your sugar levels

- Reducing your cholestrol

- Recovering from a workplace injury

- Getting stronger so you can move about your day easier

- Helping you to manage your disability 

Whether it is one of these above goals or the many other goals that our team can help you with, we are here to help.

Our team of Exercise Physiologists are passionate about working with you.  You can see an EP if you are

- on the NDIS

- have injured yourself at work and are on workers compensation

- have been referred by a GP on an Enhanced Primary Care Plan or Type II Diabetes Program

- or want to pay privately to get some extra assistance

- accessing your health fund to use the gym

Contact us to learn about how we can help you no matter your goals or program.  02 4647 1134.

NDIS - hydrotherapy or gym

Our Exercise Physiologists are registered with the NDIS and can help you with your NDIS goals.  This may include working with our team in our gym or our team meeting you at the pool for hydrotherapy.

We have access to the following pools for hydrotherapy

- Mt Annan Leisure Centre

- Eaglevale Leisure Centre

- Bradbury Pools

Our gym is well equipped with a range of different therapy equipment including therapy stairs, trampolines, weights and other fun activities.  Whether you are an adult or a child our team will help you reach your goals.

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Contact us to book your first appointment 02 4647 1134