Personal Training

No Gimmicks No Tricks, Just Real People & Real Results

Our personal training services have been around for over TEN years and we have helped thousands of people transform themselves to look and feel amazing and to achieve their goals.  We have helped people with; 

  • Weight loss, 
  • Health & Fitness. 
  • Strength & Conditioning, 
  • Muscle building, 
  • Pain management, 
  • Movement and Flexibility.
  • Preparing for special events
  • Training for competitions and/or specific fitness tests (ie police/fire)

We are not like other gyms in Narellan or Camden, we are a Personal Training studio, which means Personal Training is all we do.  We have developed our successful systems over the years and dedicated ourselves to helping you obtain your dream body or your fitness goals.  We pride ourselves on our customer service, outstanding results, amazing staff and great atmosphere. 

Our team of personal trainers are selected because they not only are the best Personal Trainers in Narellan and Camden but because they have all been through transformation journeys of their own. They understand you, they understand the desire to reach a goal, they know how to help you succeed.  The team have been innovators and leaders in the fitness industry for almost 15 years, helping individuals realise their dreams and potential. Let our team help you to reach your dream body!

People believe that getting in shape is all about dumbells, treadmills, 30min workouts and quick fix diet. We do not believe in quick fixes or fads.  We believe in a life-long change, consistency. To achieve success you need to focus on a holistic approach which includes diet, exercise, attitude, organisation, planning, motivation, education, structure, encouragement and support.

This is a place to change your body, your attitude and your lifestyle. To change your habits and your reality. If you are tired of almost getting into shape then our studio is place for you. 
We have no gimmicks and no tricks, only real people and real results. 

If you want to see yourself reach your full potential and achieve your goals then call us to book in a free chat 02 4647 1134.

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Our personal training programs have been designed to offer you the highest level of support throughout your journey all at an affordable price.  We are located in Narellan and have been operating in the Narellan and Camden area for over 10 years.  Our programs have been specially designed with over 15 years experience to ensure you achieve results. 

Your personal training package includes

- FREE Gym Access

- FREE Physiotherapy Appointment

- FREE Podiatry Appointment

- FREE 1 hour Massage

- FREE Life Coaching

- FREE Dietitian

- FREE Use of Group Classes

Plus much much more.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

Contact us to make book a free chat 02 4647 1134

Meet our some of our Superstars Below

The largest success with our studio and what separates our program from other gyms is in our member results. Our superstars are members who have transformed themselves by achieving weight loss, fitness, health and muscle mass goals. These superstars are featured below and are also framed on the walls of our studio.

Our superstars are regular people, they work, have families and children and go through normal stresses, they encourage and inspire us every day as they prove that anyone can achieve their goals (with the right help and support) no matter what their situation.