Chronic Illness and Obesity Program

Live Healthier. Live Longer. Live Stronger


The Live Longer Program was designed to help people who are struggling with obesity, diabetes or a chronic illness providing a  comprehensive program including diet, exercise and psychology. The program is run out of Southwest Wellness  Centre which means clients receive holistic treatment with the convenience of the same location. In addition practitioners can work together to ensure the client is getting the best care. 


The program is a FREE 26 Week Medicare funded program that  consists of regular visits with a team of qualified professionals including:

  • Dietitian
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Psychologist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Podiatrist

Program Content

The Live Longer Program is a comprehensive FREE 26 week Program. The program combines exercise physiology, dietetics, psychology and physiotherapy, to ensure patients receive  well rounded and holistic care.

Initial 6 Weeks

Your first 6 weeks will be one on one sessions with all of our practitioners including the physiotherapist,  exercise physiologist, dietitian and psychologist.  During this time you will be set up with a customised exercise program, your individual meals plans and commence with the psychologist.

Weeks 7 to 26

Across the 26 weeks, there will be a combination of  individual sessions and group sessions. During the group sessions you will focus on exercise and diet, with regular weigh ins, check ins and motivation from our exercise physiologist. You will also continue with you psychology appointments. During the course of this program, you will have 6 days a week FREE casual access to our exercise clinic.


The psychology component is an important part of the Live Longer program as there have been links between obesity & diabetes and depression, anxiety and mental health care issues.

Why our program works!

The Live Longer Program works because it combines a holistic approach to your healthcare with all practitioners working together to help you achieve your goal. 

· Our physiotherapist will assist with injury prevention 

· Our dietitian and exercise physiologist will keep you on track with both diet and exercise, essential for  your results

· Our psychologist will help you through stress, anxiety, depression and any psychological factors inhibiting your success. Working on the mind is an extremely  important part of your overall success.

· We provide free access to our fitness studio to allow you more time to exercise to achieve your results.

· Our program is a long term , comprehensive solution which is highly suitable for those who are medium to very high risk and those in greater need of assistance.