Exercise & Nutrition program for children


The Kids Kick Start program is a holistic exercise and nutrition program for children and teens aimed at helping with weight loss, fitness and healthy lifestyle choices. 

The program includes 

  • One on one exercise sessions
  • One on one nutrition/dietetics consultations
  • Psychology

Our program is for children ranging from  5 to 17 years old. It involves tailored exercise and nutritional advice for children and education for their parents.

Children 5 to 12

Our aim is to provide an exercise program to establish proper movement patterns, including agility and movement based skills so that your child is able to meet key developmental movement milestones. It is also about building your child's self esteem and confidence.

This is a very family-centred program, as the success in achieving a healthy lifestyle with your child involves support from the whole family. 

The nutrition component of the program involves the whole family unit by providing advice to parents on healthy meal preparation and clever strategies for managing fussy eating where needed. The program encourages children to be involved in food preparation and selection educating your child on the importance of healthy eating.

Children 13 to 17

Teens are moving into a stage of life where they are becoming more independent, it is important for them to understand the importance of developing lifelong healthy lifestyle habits. The exercise program includes a combination of  fun cardio activities and resistance training to assist in developing regular exercise habits.

The nutrition component focuses on ensuring nutritional requirements for growth are being met, establishing healthy meal patterns and building their confidence in making healthy meal selections for themselves.

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The psychology component of the program is an optional extra however is highly recommended. There are links between children who are suffering with being overweight or obesity with depression and anxiety. If you feel that your child is suffering at school with self esteem, bullying, depression or anxiety please speak to your child’s doctor for a Mental Health Care Plan as part of this

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